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As a software developer working in the finance industry, I had always wanted to do something more creative with my coding skills. Finally, I took a break from my job and developed a game app, launching it on Android and iOS. I wrote blog posts about the development process and UX Design. Meanwhile, my friends downloaded Bug Hop and left reviews. I tweeted about it, got some retweets, submitted the game to app websites.

In this crowded market, how could I really get my game out there?

Without a strong social media presence or marketing know-how, I decided to try…

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I’m still relatively new to Medium and learning the ropes. Here’s how highlighting works: If you highlight some text in a Medium article, the author, you and your followers — should they also read the article —will see it. It’s a way of communicating to your followers: I thought this bit was interesting. And it’s a way of letting the author know that something they wrote made an impression on you. You can also leave a comment relating to that text or even share it externally.

I have a problem with highlighting which is this: If you are reading something…

A quick guide to HTML

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Since joining Medium I appreciate the platform so much — for the community, the variety of publications, but also for the writing tools. It’s so easy to put an article together, embed images, highlight text and create sections, pulling everything together with a professional look and feel.

Clearly a lot of thought has been put into providing a flexible facility while imposing enough structure so that contents always looks neat and professional. Not an easy balance to find. But I think Medium has done it. …

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When I decided to create a game app, I knew my biggest hurdle would be the artwork.

As a software developer who had spent the last ten years working in the finance industry, I was looking for a new project. With a creative side I sometimes wrote fiction and poetry, but for a long time I had a hankering to develop an app.

Finally I came up with an idea for a logical puzzle. The player would move an object from the bottom of the screen to the top through a series of obstacles. …

The other side of lockdown

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A friend of mine has died by suicide. We didn’t know each other long. We worked together and after I left the job, we met occasionally for dinner or at a party. You could say we were still becoming friends.

It was clear he had a drinking problem. I wanted to say something about it. But I knew if I did, he’d get annoyed. He always really wanted to go for a drink.

I was under the impression he had a bleak view of the world for a long time. He had a therapist, with whom he shared his dark…

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It was you who fell first, while I lost my footing
You said that I was the fairest
The promises we made I thought were to keep
But our first kiss, it was so careless

I don’t see why not, you assured with a smile
Buttons parted and I was delirious
I guess I knew at the back of my mind
Except I was in love and fearless

I don’t see why not, you shrugged when I asked Like a man who’s asked what he’s thinking But you must have known at the back of your mind Just as I…

From erratic beginnings to everyday mindfulness.

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I don’t know why I was drawn to meditation. I bought Meditation for Dummies and sat on the floor of my living room, on a cushion, and followed the instructions. Count ten in-out breaths in a row, the book said. Then start again. A few years after that failed attempt, I joined a class. It took place early in the morning and I got so worked up trying to get there on time, sometimes arriving late and breathless, one could say it was counter-productive.

Finally I read The Power of Now; a book about the ego and its dominance over…

The making of Bug Hop

Problem-solving is fun! This was the premise I started from when designing my game, Bug Hop. As a software developer with experience across a number of industries, I was looking for a new project, something more inspiring than my day to day contribution to London’s financial industry…and an idea began to form. I had always loved logic and problem solving. Could I create a puzzle? Something simple and fun but also challenging? It would have to have characters and a story. …

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Since it feels like we’re entering the first phase of the apocalypse, I’ve been looking for something new to watch on Netflix. It seems to me that sometimes quality content is hidden behind cheesy titles and formulaic descriptions.

Since it feels like we’re entering the first phase of the apocalypse, I’ve been looking for something new to watch on Netflix. It seems to me that sometimes quality content is hidden behind cheesy titles and formulaic descriptions.

So here are my top 5 picks in the category of Things I was only giving 5 minutes to because I thought they’d be…

Gráinne Shannon

Software Developer by day. Creator of game app, Bug Hop. Author of award-nominated Orla’s Code. Usually found thinking with pen in mouth. www.grainneshannon.com

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